Our Family

Our Family
Liberty, Heather, Glade, Ryan, Kim

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

North Pole Fire Station

We have been doing a home-based preschool group with some friends this year. Glade has really been enjoying it. Today was no exception. Today was actually something extra special. We went to the North Pole Fire Station to have a tour and see what firefighters do.

Glade was pretty quiet and hesitant at first.
He wasn't sure he wanted to go see the man in the funny clothes.

He warmed right up soon though and had a great time learning about the tools carried on firetrucks, hoses with different colored valves, and actually getting to climb into a fire truck. In fact, he didn't want to get out. The firefighters were very kind and patient with our small children and it made a difference.

His second time climbing in the fire truck.
Here's proof that Liberty was there too. She mostly wanted to be with me, but did occasionally hold hands with some of the other kids and go to them.

The highlight of the visit? Must be this. Who showed him what those switches did? :)

A Project Finished

I cut this shirt out for Glade last year, thinking of getting it made for Christmas. I decided that it was a bit too big for him, but pulled it out and finished it up last week. It is yellow, one of his very favorite colors, which means he REALLY likes it. He even wore it to church on Sunday for the Primary Program.

The Last Adventure of Summer

Literally the last day before our first real snowfall, Ryan was able to take a bike ride up on Murphy Dome, down to the river and did some hunting and fishing. He had a great time.

A ptarmigan, which we ate for dinner the next day.

The river is starting to ice over, even more so now that we've had a week and a half of winter weather.

He had a little trouble with his fly getting stuck on the ice, and this was the result. No fish, just ice caught that day.
Still enjoying his mountain bike and being in the great outdoors.

Run, Kim, Run!

Look closely, she's the one in turquoise with both arms in air close to the right.

Kimberly was a member of the running club at school this year. They had practices two days a week after school and then a meet each week for a month. The runs were about 2 kilometers and she had a great time. They gave each finisher a medal at all the races, which she loved. We like it when she is involved in things that make her happy, and we also are glad that she is interested in activities that keep her healthy.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


One of Ryan's latest projects has been designing and building a reloading center. He worked out the plans and made it fit together well. He's been able to use it a few times and we've even gone out to try out some of the rounds he loaded. What a smart guy (not to mention ruggedly handsome, maybe it's the reloading).
100 reloaded cartridges. Aren't the shiny and purty?

The Sunday Box

In an on-going effort to make Sundays more painless and spiritually-uplifting, I came up with the idea of having a box that the kids are only allowed to use on Sundays. The kids help paint the letter and stars that we glued on it and we put Sunday books, lacing cards, coloring supplies, matching games, etc. into it. So far, it has kept them busy for a few hours each week. I'd say that's an improvement.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Autumn Time

We were able to have some friends over for s'more making during the glorious (but short) days of Alaskan autumn. You couldn't have asked for a more glorious day for it. The sun was making the trees glow.

The Other Two-Wheeler

Right after Kimberly learned to ride her bike without training wheels, she started encouraging Glade to learn also. What do you know, about 3 weeks after Kimberly learned, Glade could do it too! He needs a little help getting started because his feet don't reach the ground from his saddle, but he can turn around if he has enough space. We are really proud of him for learning.

Obligatory First Day of School Pictures

Okay, so this one wasn't the first day of school, but you can tell that she really likes this outfit so far this year, can't you? This was one morning after I braided her hair in little braids. She thought it was so fun to have it all poofy and crimped-looking.
This one, however, really is from the first day of school. I neglected to get a picture in the morning, so we snapped one as she came off of the bus, complete with a pink sticker on her nose.

So far, Kimberly really likes second grade. She likes her teacher and does fine with all of the homework she brings home.

We Love the Outdoors

In August, we had a few fun outdoor activities. One Saturday we went fishing as a family. We haven't had a lot of luck doing this, but we have had a lot of fun.

Libby just mostly enjoys throwing rocks in the water and further harming our chances of catching anything at all.

Glade enjoyed an old vest that was Grandad's when he was a kid.

Kimberly gets very serious about the art of fishing.

We also took the opportunity to use our fire ring and dutch oven to make some peach cobbler. Ice cream, peach cobbler, and a fire: what else could you want?
I just had to put these two of Liberty up. She is so cute and fun!

Don't you love the too big boots?
Kimberly had a great time too.
Glade had a little trouble keeping his ice cream in his mouth or his bowl, as evidenced by the nice dribble down his shirt.
I always enjoy a fire outside too. It's great to spend time together as a family!