Our Family

Our Family
Liberty, Heather, Glade, Ryan, Kim

Thursday, June 30, 2011


When the snow finally started melting, it was great! Especially if you ask the kids. All three of them LOVED walking, jumping, and falling into the puddles that appeared. (Although they could have done without the falling, and I probably could have done without all the extra laundry and muddy messes the puddles created. I do like to see them having fun though.) Liberty even learned the word "puddle" and would say it in such a cute voice when asking to be taken out to splash around.

What we (or at least I) didn't love was the sheet of ice that formed in front of our garage door. The kids, however, thought the impromptu skating rink was just was the doctor ordered!

That's all for now, we need to go find a few more puddles!

Snowy Easter Day

When Easter rolled around, the snow was still on the ground. (Hey, I must be a poet!)
The Easter Bunny still managed to make his way around hiding eggs outside though. The kids found them all, although it took several trips to do it, coming in to warm up in between.
Glade getting one from WAY up high

Kim found one under the tree

Libby enjoying an Easter treat from Grammy

One More Year . . .

'til baptism is here!

We can't believe our sweet Kimberly is 7! She is so busy and always seems to have something going one, whether it's reading, pretending, crafting, or anything else her heart desires! She keeps on her toes and helps us do the same! We sure do love you!

Beautiful Birthday Girl in the apron Grandma made for her

Can't wait to open presents

Checking out her big gift: a camera which has gotten plenty of use since then

She chose a party at the swimming pool this year, since she is a little fish when she can be. We had a great time with all the friends who could make it and missed the ones that weren't there. Fun was had by all!

First Grade Readers

This year I enjoyed going into Kimberly's classroom each week to help with reading time. I would take a group of kids and read their assigned story with them, then direct them in doing worksheets, silent reading, etc. I really loved doing this. I was fortunate that her teacher allowed me to bring Glade and Liberty also. It was so fun being a small part of my daughter's education and specifically to get to know the kids in her class.

Kim helping Flat Stanley (from a cousin) do some homework.

Kim's reading group

April Showers?

I always thought April showers were supposed to bring May flowers. It doesn't work that way around here though. Even in April, we had to stay bundled up to go outside. Here's a snapshot of the kids that just happened to fall into place before going to school one day.

General Conference Fun

Every six months our church holds a general conference where the leaders speak. We always really enjoy it and this past April was no exception.

Libby just being darn cute!

We got some new watercolors for using while listening to the speakers. They LOVED this!

Sunday we had brunch with some friends and then watched the last session together. What a great weekend.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


We had a lot of snow this past winter. This is our pile plowed up from our driveway. The kids love playing on it. We also used it for sledding sometimes.

St. Patrick's Day Party

We had a party for St. Patrick's Day with some friends of ours. It was so fun to be with them. We don't see them nearly as often since our ward was split.

Libby is just cute!

Deiter and Glade enjoying our green lunch.

Greta, Kim, and Emma eating lunch

Sarah and her fruit rainbow

Dr. Suess Night

Kimberly's school has a fun party every year for Dr. Suess's birthday. We were in town this year so we were able to go. They did a great job of having crafts, books, stories, and cake.

Kim doing a jar with tissue paper on it.

Glade stuffing his pillow.

The Cat in the Hat