Our Family

Our Family
Liberty, Heather, Glade, Ryan, Kim

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Getting Big!

Our little sweetie is getting so big! She is almost 11 months old.

Here she is standing by herself. She'll be walking before we know it! Sorry I didn't get her looking at the camera!

This is one of her latest tricks. I think it is terribly cute! She does it often especially when she is doing something she isn't supposed to be doing or when other people do things she doesn't like. She usually doesn't need any prompting, but I have been trying to catch her doing it for a while and finally got it by telling her "no."

Do you think they might be related?

Look Who's Three!

Our big boy Glade had a birthday this week. He is getting to be so grown up. He is doing really well at potty-training and, although not always perfectly kind, he loves his sisters.

Getting ready to open his presents. He got lots of trains! Thomas galore!

Kimberly picked out this bubble gun for him. It is a relief for Mom not to have to be in charge of blowing all the bubbles! They've had a great time with it.

Look how tall I am! The floor puzzle sent by Grammy and Grandad.

We had some friends over tonight to play, eat, and have cake and ice cream. Glade asked for a firetruck cake, although he opted for yellow (his favorite color) instead of red.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Beach Babes

We were invited by some friends to spend yesterday afternoon with them at the beach. It was a really beautiful, sunny day and we enjoyed the company and the water.

Kimberly was telling me all the moves she was going to do in the water (learned in swimming lessons). She had a great time and stayedin the water almost the entire time.

Glade enjoyed the water too, but he also enjoyed being by me on the blanket.

The sand was really nice and Glade enjoyed borrowing a dumptruck. We brought home a lot of sand with us, needless to say.

Kimberly is always really good at making new friends. See the tallest girl? Kim declared that she was her new good friend and was unhappy with me for saying it was time to go home, even though we had been there for over 3 hours. Oh well, can't win them all, I guess.

Poor little Liberty isn't really old enough yet. The water is still a little cold for her. Maybe when I have a little more help.

Thanks for inviting us! Beautiful lake, wonderful day! We're planning to go back when Daddy gets home.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Days

The long summer days are about to start getting shorter. Not so much that you would notice, though. Today was the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. Kimberly asked me a month or so ago if we could have a party and stay up late. I agreed. So, on the way home from swimming lessons this morning, I talked to the kids about what they might want to do for a summer solstice party. They came up with quite a list!

I asked them to help out around the house, which they did quite willingly and happily (with a few reminders and grumbles) :). We did accomplish most of the things i wanted to get done today, included insisted upon naps or rest times. We had a late dinner and then the party started.

One of the things Kimberly wanted to do was have a puppet show, she got this ready by herself and sang a little song to go along with it. She is so imaginative.

I spent some time getting the garage swept out while the kids chased each other with squirt guns, played T-ball, and a little tennis. Then it was horseshoe time, or maybe time to try on new hats.

No, definitely horseshoe time. I guess it depends on who you ask. Kimberly is getting better at controlling her aim and distance, along with horseshoe technique, it's a fine art, I tell you.

After that we did a little more T-ball and some volleyball. Then we just HAD to take a ride on the mower. I had Liberty in the backpack, and she didn't really love it, but the other two did. It's still new and exciting.

The kids have been asking to play in the pile of clippings. Kimberly said it smelled kind of funny. (It rained yesterday.) She still jumped in though.

After that it was pool time. At this point it was 9:00, at which time they should have been in bed, snoring.

The came in when they were good and wet (not to mention cold) and got dried off and into jammies. Liberty is finally totally happy, although not for long. She was about ready for bed. She had cereal and then a brownie to top her off.

Another thing that Kim wanted to do was paint nails. We put Bob the Builder on for Glade while Kim and I got all glammed up. It was fun to do with her. She even wanted to have matching colors. Then we started another movie that all three of us enjoyed. I finally decided it was time for bed about 11:40. They were spoiled rotten tonight. I hope they remember the night. I think I was tired before they were! They got snuggled up in their beds and are hopefully in dreamland by now. That's where I want to be too. I guess I better head up there now.

I hope I don't regret this tomorrow. Naps all around tomorrow, I think!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

I Am My Father's Daughter

You may (or may not) know that I grew up on a dairy farm. My dad is a farmer and John Deere is is favorite kind of tractor. You know what they say: "Nothing Runs Like a Deer!" Well, it's true! To prove that I really am my father's daughter, I had to get a John Deere of my very own! (I promise to share it with Ryan when he gets home though!)

Glade is enjoying just sitting on the new lawn tractor that we got for mowing. He really liked driving tractor with Grandpa when we were in Arizona not too long ago and enjoys this variety too. Maybe even more, since it's more his size.

I just really liked this picture. The texture of the different layers of clouds is great! I took this on Friday night after I finished mowing. It was about 11:00 p.m. The sun was on it's downward slope and it just lit the clouds up! By the way, Monday is the Summer Solstice. The longest day of the year. I've gotten used to the continuous daylight, so it will be interesting to see if I notice the days getting shorter anytime soon.

Kimberly loves to ride on the lawn tractor also. Although some things (like time away from her brother that loves to do EVERYTHING with her) prove to be more important at times. At the store, she asked if we could buy a tractor and send it to Grandpa for his birthday. Hmmm, maybe NOT! :) At least she loves him!

If you buy (or rent, like us) a house with a lawn like this, watch out!

We call it Mt. Mulch. The fruits of 2 days and 6 hours of mowing. Phew! Next time remind me not to let the grass get so long! The "mountain" is about 4 feet tall and 8 feet long. I'm hoping next time will be at least a little bit faster.

Time to ride off into the sunset!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Kimberly is FINALLY taking swimming lessons. This is the first year we have had her in them. Yesterday was her first day and she seemed to enjoy it. Her only complaint is that she wishes I didn't have to stay there and watch her. She is little Miss Independent. Hopefully she'll learn some important water skills from this class. We're excited to see her turn into a little fish!


The kids have been wanting to sleep in the teepee for a while. I got it out for them the other day. They slept in it for two nights and really LOVED it!

I made this for them a few years ago. We had one when I was growing up and I think it's a great toy for them to play in and enjoy.

Petting Zoo

The library had a petting zoo for the weekly activity last week. The kids really loved it. Their favorites were the bunnies. They were everyone's favorite, apparently. There was quite a line. I must love them since I waited in that line so they could pet the bunnies! I actually really like to see the kids interacting with animals. It is a good thing for them to learn.

LONG days

I just love cool, misty mornings! I snapped this picture one morning early when Glade had come up to my bedroom. It was about 2:00, I think. I took him back to bed and saw a very red sunrise on my way. I don't think this picture captured the red sun, but it does have a nice misty view from our window!

It has taken a little getting used to, the having no real darkness at night. Next week is the summer solstice, so after that the days will start getting shorter again.

Memorial Day

The kids and I joined some friends at Pioneer Park for Memorial Day. One of the favorite things was getting faces painted. Then we rode the train, always a favorite too!