Our Family

Our Family
Liberty, Heather, Glade, Ryan, Kim

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Finally One!

Our sweet little Liberty is finally one! We started the day with pancakes.

She's getting to be quite the stair climber!

That evening, what better way to celebrate than to welcome Grammy and Grandad for a week-long visit! We were so happy to see them.

The next night we had a real party! Cupcakes made by Kim and Grammy.

Balloons are SOOOOO fun!

I didn't have anything particularly special in mind for her birthday, so I let the kids choose a gift for her. Glade chose a microphone. I think the other two have enjoyed it at least as much as Libby (and probably more).

Kimberly chose a tip and topple friend. It's just about bigger than Liberty.

We sure do love our Liberty. She is a sweet, smiley (most of the time) little girl.

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

I tried my hand at an Alaskan garden this year. It seemed to work really well. Turns out up here you aren't really safe to plant things in the ground until June 1st. I started quite a few little things in small containers, then transplanted them to the garden, which was prepared by my Visiting Teacher's husband. It was awesome that they did that for me! I also planted some things straight into the ground. We are reaping the harvest now. I have only ever had a square-foot garden, so it has been really fun and exciting to get quite a bit more produce than a small garden provides. Most of what we have harvested has been snap peas, regular peas, and a few little tomatoes thrown in.

Kimberly smelling some fireweed. She told me she looked like she was covered with dew. Actually, she was running in the water spraying out of the hose.

Glade is washing one of his peas in the hose.

Kim was trying to fill up her bowl with peas. Getting there!

Even Libby was getting in on the action, although I think she enjoyed eating the dirt more than the peas!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

First Alaska Road Trip

Shortly after Ryan returned home, we headed off on our first real Alaska Road Trip. The destination, Kenai Peninsula. We left home with no real plan or destination in mind, other than 2 nights in a hotel in Anchorage. It was great to be able to attend the temple, see some friends from dental school, and just enjoy having some family time. We enjoyed eating out and watching Toy Story 3. We ALL loved it.

We went to a bird watching area to walk around while Dad was busy. The kids really enjoyed taking turns choosing which path to take along the boardwalk. We saw a few birds, a moose, and we really enjoyed seeing the fish in a stream. The salmon were the favorites as they made their way from the ocean upstream.

After our few days in Anchorage, we drove a little way down the highway to Alyeska Ski Resort. We camped one night in Girdwood. It was beautiful and sunny. The only drawback was all of the teenagers that were kind of noisy around the campground.

Here's a beautiful shot of a glacier we saw while we were driving around.

The next day Ryan took out his mountain bike for the first time since he got home. We cleaned up camp for a while and then rode up Alyeska in the tram. It was well worth it. When we got up there I thought, "It would be fun to see Ryan up here." Just then, he came riding down the mountain! How's that for good timing!

You could see the ocean from up there. The drop-offs made me a little nervous.

Ryan rode his bike all the way to the top and then beat us down when we rode the tram. I'm sure it's because we had to wait. The first one we tried to get on was full. Glade wanted to hike and so Dad took the two of them up the mountain. Liberty was asleep in the pack, so I took a break. They disappeared for about an hour and when they finally came back, it turned out they had gone all the way up to that rescue station you can see in the background. What good little hikers!

We had fun playing in the snow.

We Continued driving down the road and opted for the Seward turnoff. We kept seeing this train (or one like it) throughout our trip. The kids really liked it, especially Glade.

We camped in a campground by a lake. The lake was beautiful, too bad the weather wasn't. We got rain starting in the middle of the first night. We went to the Seward branch on Sunday morning and stayed two nights in the campground. Most everyone left except for us and another family of Park Rangers and their 2 small children. We enjoyed talking to them and hearing more about Denali.

Enjoying the lake, never mind the rain.

Glade having fun camping.

Kim says hot chocolate is the best!

Dad decided it was time to buy everyone rain clothes, so we did! We stayed a lot drier after that . . . until our trip to the lake, that is! The water was just too tempting to stay out of! Too bad boots only protect you to a certain depth!
Me cooking in the rain!

Libby didn't love the poncho, but at least it kept her a little drier. She WAS loving the apple, though.

We love that our kids have good imaginations. Here they are at the lake taking Dad on a boat ride. Looks like fun, doesn't it?

Overall, it was a good trip. We enjoyed most of it, although the rain did get a little old. It was really nice to be together as a family again. We love us!