Our Family

Our Family
Liberty, Heather, Glade, Ryan, Kim

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Travelers Return

My family is complete again. Ryan and Kim got home safely Tuesday afternoon and we have been working on cleaning, sorting, and getting Ryan checked out from school. He finished up today, which is great! We are excited about him graduating this Sunday. Here are some pictures from the trip.

Ryan got this great picture of a wave curling over Kim's leg.

Ryan and Kim with Ryan's Grandparents William and Elaine Loucks.

Beautiful Sunrise from the hotel.

Kim came home with a great collection of shells.

These nice people let Ryan and Kim camp on their land in SC on the way down to Florida, because of the holiday weekend the campground was full. They even gave them a ride on their boat.

Ryan is going to post more details on his blog later today.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Funny Car

So I thought this was hilarious and hopefully you will enjoy it too. This last week I was driving home from the Swenson's with the kids (thanks for a fun playdate). I was in our little Smurf (blue Geo Metro) since Ryan was prepping the van for our long trip. I pulled off of 315 South onto Bethel Road and as I turned the corner off of the ramp, I saw some movement out of the corner of my eye. So I looked and there was my driver's side front hubcap rolling across the road. I had a moment of indecision as I slowed down trying to decide whether to pull over and grab it or not. I thought, "This is a pretty busy and dangerous place to run across the road." But then, my dilemma was solved as the hubcap was flattened by a car in the lane next to mine. Kachunk! I could see that it was beyond salvaging, so I sped up again and drove off. After the hubcaps weren't that expensive and they have lasted for over 4 years. That evening coming home from the Pinewood Derby with Ryan the hubcap had disappeared, so apparently someone took care of it. I was a little nervous to cross right there by the freeway exit.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Home Alone

I guess only kinda home alone. I am here with Glade for 5 days without Ryan and Kimberly. They took a road trip to Florida to see Ryan's grandparents. He hasn't seen them for a long time, so it will be good for him to get down there. I decided to bow out of the trip so I can feel ready to move in a week's time. So far I haven't done much of what I have on my list, but hopefully in the next few days I can get the majority of it done.

Ryan's parents will arrive next Friday and we are excited forjavascript:void(0) them to get here. Graduation next Sunday, and then we're off. Hard to believe, but the time has actually arrived. So I'll be spending my time scrubbing toilets, tubs, and floors to get ready to move out. I also have a talk to get ready for tomorrow, but I'll put another revision of a very rough draft off a little longer while I go finish up the dishes.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Monday, May 19, 2008


We have had lots of graduations in our family this month. Kim from Jelly Bean, Ryan from OSU, and Glade to a toddler. Yes, he is toddling all over the place now. He has gotten really great at walking. It has taken me forever to get a video of him, but here it is. I can't believe he is already big enough to be doing this!

Our Little Jelly Bean

Kimberly has been part of a little preschool group in our ward that is called "Jelly Bean School." She has really enjoyed it and will miss it. This morning was our last meeting. We played at a park, had snacks, made a craft, and had a little "graduation." The kids really enjoyed it. Can you tell what Kim's favorite part was?

Hike at Highbanks

On Saturday morning we decided to go for a hike at Highbanks Metro Park. It is nice and close, which is great for the current high gas prices. We did a pretty easy 2 1/2 mile hike to the overlook over the river. The kids did really well as usual. Kim got a little tired and got carried partway, but Ryan got her interested at the end by pretending that we were in Robin Hood's forest and that joggers were the Merry Men and Sheriff. She thought that was really fun. We stopped right by the exit and sat by a little stream to play. That was Kim's favorite part.

After a few minutes, we walked out of Sherwood Forest and across the street to the playground for a few minutes of fun. Glade loves the swings now and both kids had a great time.

That evening we got together with a bunch of friends from dental school for a bbq. It was great to see them all and talk about remembrances and future plans.

Friday, May 16, 2008


Well, this has been a good week in our house. Ryan placed his last two crowns, which were also his last two requirements. That was great for him to get done. He also got his WREB scores today and did very well. That means he has basically completed all the tests and requirements to be a dentist. So I guess you can almost call him Dr. Abbott! We are really excited to be finishing up. Just a few loose ends left to tie up and we will be outta here!

We're so proud of you, Ryan! Great job!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Good Friends and Good Times

As of late, I have been making an earnest effort to do things with some of my best friends. It has made for some busy and fun days. Here are a few of our outings.

The kids and I hopped in with the Wilde's for a trip to the Slate Run Living Historical Farm.

There were lots of baby animals: a calf, piglets, lambs. The kids loved it.

Glade having a great time with a few sticks.

All the kids playing in the dirt and grass.

The next day we took off for Westerville to visit my good friend Claudia and her kids. She recently had her 3rd baby. What sweet kids, but a handful. We went for a walk to the park and had lunch. I will really miss her.

Me holding Daniel (the latest addition, born in March) with Jessica and Glade looking on.

Kimberly and David enjoying a sunny day on the lawn.

Jessica giving Glade a kiss.

Claudia and I. She is one of the greatest friends I have ever had: generous, kind, just all-around wonderful.

Another thing we did was have FHE with the Hutchings. We have really enjoyed their family. Good luck with the three little boys!

Izaak helping Glade out with the watermelon. Hope your carpets not too sticky!

Glade becomes a horse, himself! (At least to Caleb.)

After stake conference we spent the evenings with the Sandersons. We've become good friends with them and will really miss having someone we are so comfortable with live so close to us. We'll miss you! (Sorry, no pictures of this.)

Two Thumbs Up

Kimberly has this thing she does lately with winking and putting her thumbs up. She has just recently mastered the winking thing. It is pretty cute.

Giddy-up continued

When my sister Mindy was here she got a really cute video of Glade riding the horse. I had to get one too. He gets pretty excited about that thing!

Up, Up, and Away

Lately Glade has been climbing everything. Here are a few examples:

The stool. Anytime it is set up, he climbs right up. Last week Kim was using it to help me cook. She climbed down and when I turned around Glade had climbed right up to the counter.

The slide in the toyroom. This kid loves to slide. He hasn't quite gotten the hang of getting himself down to slide after he climbs up, but he is getting pretty darn good at getting up.

The horse. What a great toy!

The playhouse outside. I discovered this week that Glade can also climb up on the playhouse outside. He is keeping me very busy!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

It's a Date!

I was surprised to get a call from Ryan yesterday about noonish to ask me out to dinner. We don't go out without the kids that often, so it was really fun. Thanks, Sandersons, for watching the kids so we could enjoy a date.

We went to the Hunan Lion, a Chinese place close to Kroger on Bethel Rd. The food and the company were good!

Because it was Chinese food, it reminded me of when I was a teenager. Sometimes my Grandma Lunt would call and say she was going down to Safford to eat out. Safford is about 40 miles from Duncan, my hometown. We would pile into her car and sometimes an additional car and drive down to Safford to eat at the Super Wok (or another restaurant once in a while). The owners knew her and always came to greet her personally. I have good memories of trips like this with my Grandma, who died this past December. Thanks, Grandma, for wonderful times!

Thanks for a great Mother's Day present, Honey!


For those who don't know. Yes, Ryan is in the Army, AND Yes, he is in dental school. He has been on an Army scholarship in dental school. Now that he is graduating, we will be moving to Ft. Lewis, close to Tacoma, WA, for a one year AEGD (Advanced General Dentistry) program and then owe the Army 4 years of dental service. Hope that clears things up!


Well, this week Ryan and I drove down to Rickenbacker (a small base closeby) to pick up some new uniforms for reporting in Ft. Lewis. Here's some pictures of Ryan in his new duds! See those two little bars on his beret and jacket? Those mean he's now a captain. Well, he's not a captain yet, but will be upon graduation (which is only about 3 weeks away, but who's counting?). It will take a while to learn all the ins and outs of the military and what things stand for. But now I know the captain symbol. Thanks, Natalie, for watching the kids! It would have been crazy with them in the store!

We sure are proud of him. I also thought this one of Kim was cute. She was trying on a pair of his pants.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Sleeping Beauty

Kimberly has always been able to fall asleep just about anywhere. She also rarely sleeps in her bed. For some reason, she really likes either the little sleeping bag I made her or just the floor. Sometimes I put her in bed after she goes to sleep and she is on the floor again by morning. Enjoy some cute pictures of her sleeping.

This is the latest one of her asleep in the little armchair I made her. Notice, she put her dolly to sleep in her bed.

In the rocker at Grandpa and Grandma's house.

In a hotel bed on a trip to DC with Grandad and Grammy. I just love the way she has her arm around Glade.

Just waking up on Glade's first camping trip last summer. I had almost forgotten how dark his hair was when he was born. It definitely doesn't look like that now!

On the floor in her bedroom. I love the almost posed two hands under the cheek.

On the floor at Uncle Reed and Aunt Katie's wedding reception. She didn't even make it to the beginning. This happened before any guests arrived.

I also love this picture of her using the duckie lawn chair as a stool. Kimberly has definite ideas about what she wants and how to get it done. I think this picture shows her determination.

Giddy-up and the Sound of Music

One of our favorite Christmas gifts (and a favorite with all who visit our home) is a horse. I personally love the rope hair it has. It just looks so cool! Glade has gotten where he really likes it lately and Kim has also enjoyed it. She has named it Cinderella.

I just realized that I don't have a picture of Kim on the horse. I think we only have a video of her on it. So here is a picture of Kim doing her job. Once while she was clearing out the silverware she decided to make an instrument. She had a great time playing it.