Our Family

Our Family
Liberty, Heather, Glade, Ryan, Kim

Friday, July 23, 2010

Getting Stronger

During his deployment, Ryan spent a lot of time lifting weights. In order to continue with his new hobby, he bought a weight set. It is set up in the loft of our barn/garage. The view is great and it is nice to work out up there as long as it isn't too hot (and the wasps don't bother us).

The kids have really enjoyed the weight set too. I only have a picture of Glade, since Kim didn't get up and come out in the morning when we took these.

Me doing a lift that Ryan taught me.

Look at that guy doing pull-ups! He really has gotten a lot stronger. How nice for me! :)


Kim decided she needed a new picture after she gave herself a great haircut. What do you think?

A New Generation

No matter what the age, Star Wars never grows old.

Together Again

Ryan came in on a red-eye early Tuesday morning. We are SOOOO excited to have him back with us. Can you tell we're one happy family again?

The kids made their own signs for him to welcome him home. They have hardly left him alone since then and the first question I hear every morning is, "Mom, where is Dad?" They are sure lucky to have such a good father.

We had a party when we arrived home. I thought a globe cake would be appropriate and the horseshoes are a belated Father's Day present.

We enjoyed looking through the treasures that came to our family from halfway around the world. It was fun to see the wood and marble animals. This particular picture is of Ryan wearing a hat that some Afghan men wear. I am feeling beautiful in the jewelry he brought for me too!

It was hard for us to be without Ryan for half a year, but I think we grew a lot and were strengthened while he was gone. We are definitely much happier to have him back, though.

Independence Day!

We had a great Independence Day this year, made better by the fact that we were expecting Ryan home any day.

We had a good time at the North Pole 4th of July Parade (complete with Santa and Mrs. Claus). It was fun to find friends to sit by.

We were able to go to Greta's birthday party that evening. Happy Birthday Greta! They had fun fireworks, good food, and great friends.

On the actual 4th (Sunday) we had a fun star shaped dinner and enjoyed each other's company.

We are so grateful to be able to live in this country. It was made even more special by having a family member serving in the military. To top it all off, Ryan and his group landed in the USA on July 4th! The good people at the Texas airport lined the walkway and cheered them into the airport and back onto US soil!